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Our Roots

Our Story in a Nutshell.

"When I first visited the American Southwest as a child, I was inspired! Not only by the iconic and rugged landscape, but by the people who have survived in these seemingly inhospitable places for thousands of years. Since then, my passion for native plants, lands, and people has only grown, and today it has developed into a mission-driven snack food company." 
-Rafael Pintor, President of Atsá Foods Co.

Rafael’s interest led him to the wide-open landscapes, and the harsh climate of the American Southwest, where he intently learned how the local native tribes like the Navajo, Hopi, and Shoshone utilized the superfoods around them! Dozens of foods that most of us have never even heard of, are abundant in these areas and have been used by the people of the First Nations for thousands of years. One of these foods was Pinyon, which naturally flourishes in the high desert.  

The abundance of unique yet underutilized superfoods and pressing socio-economic underdevelopment around many Native American and rural communities inspired Rafael to create the Atsá Foods Company. He believed it would be possible to create a partnership that would bridge the economic gap between rural and urban, and would also create a new connection between the two ways of life. This partnership would be with the local harvesters and the local people, not only sharing their foods with the world but sharing their stories as well.

Why "Atsá"?

Atsá translates to "eagle" in the Navajo-Athabascan language. The eagle is an important symbol in Native American culture but also the national symbol of the United States of America. We feel it fitting to name our company after the symbolic Eagle, because it is our hope to do our part in writing a new chapter in American history. A chapter that represents a partnership built on the foundations of respect, trust, fair trade and collaboration between Native American and non-native American citizens of the United States.

“The word Atsá not only pays homage to the sacrifice and valor of the Navajo Code Talkers but also to the peoples of the Navajo Nation who have been critical to the development of this company, from inception to production.”
-Rafael Pintor

Real Food, Real Purpose

At Atsá Foods we’re using wild harvested Pinyon to promote sustainable foods, and a sustainable way of life, protecting the land we love, and opening new doors for sustainable economic growth in Native American and rural communities.

Rafael Pintor Climbing through forest

The Wild Harvested Pinyon Nut

Today at Atsá Foods, by creating a sustainable supply chain, we can harvest Wild Pinyon from its forests, without harming the surrounding environment. Because Pinyon is grown in the wild, we don't have to use any added pesticides, preservatives or large amounts of water, making it one of the most naturally sustainable foods in the world.

We pride ourselves on making Real Food. All of our products are made with vegan, gluten-free, and organic ingredients.

Wild pinyon and fresh ingredients