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Committment to Sustainability


A Sustainable Business is one that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We believe that sustainability has been a fundamental focus of indigenous people for thousands of years, and at Atsá we exemplify this as our focus too. It is our goal for our products and practices to stem towards a growth of economic, social and environmental change and sustainability.

 Nevada Mountain Side

    Our Promise 

    Create something that lasts.

    Our goal is to work directly with several Native American tribes and communities in the U.S. and to use foods that are specific to their lands as ingredients in our products. We aim to create something that lasts, creating real relationships with the people centered around Pinyon and the other foods we use. It all begins with the people who we work with, and whether they want to use their local native plants as an economic source. If it’s not something that the people want, then it won’t last.

    Give the power to the people.

    With the alternative economy of using native plants and foods, we aim to create a respectful connection between America’s rural and urban areas. This partnership is not only about creating jobs with fair wages in these often isolated areas, but to additionally use the food, art, and stories of each Native community as a platform of cultural sharing and empowerment.

    Protect the land

    At Atsá Foods we make sure that the native plants and foods we use are part of an ecologically friendly process. This means not overharvesting, not hurting the ecosystem or wildlife habitats that may depend on these foods. It is our goal to be environmental stewards, contributing to the preservation of the natural lands that we source our foods from